Trees planted from sales: 16

NFTs are considered to have a negative impact on the environment as many processes are included in the sale of a single NFT. But just how much needs to be offset in order to be carbon neutral? In order to answer this, we need to look at the steps included in an NFT sale. It should be noted at this point that we are currently looking at the Ethereum blockchain only. Other blockchains can be drastically more efficient but are not as popular.

  • Adding an NFT to a blockchain: 83KG C02

  • Every new bid on an NFT: 23KG C02

  • Every sale of an NFT: 51KG C02

  • Every transfer of an NFT: 30KG C02

  • Every secondary sale of an NFT: 81KG C02

Assuming one tree absorbs around 40kg of C02 per year, every sale of an NFT will require 187KG C02, or 4.67 trees to be offset. Every secondary sale will require another 81kg C02, or 2.03 trees to be offset.


Starsight-Studio has partnered up with Ecologi and pledges to donate more than the required amount of trees needed to offset an initial sale with 8 trees. We pledge to donate another 4 trees per resale. 

Our goal is to become completely carbon neutral in the future, offsetting all of our employees, our website traffic and more. As our gallery grows, this will soon become a reality!

All donated trees can be verified here