What is Starsight-Studio?

Starsight-Studio is a semi-sustainable, digital exhibition of art collections and auction service 

This gallery will allow partnered artists to sell their NFTs for free and without any risks whilst simultaneously being displayed on our website and receiving free advertisement and sale support. 

Starsight stresses marketing, ensuring that a high click-through rate on the site is present at all times, bringing success to our exclusive, integrated information site for any upcoming gallery auctions from our partners to secure a strong NFT collection. We also display all sold collections with (if requested) information and a small statement about/from the new owners. 

We are aware that NFTs and crypto are very energy reliant. We donate a percentage of sold items to get us closer to being carbon-neutral.

How do I become a partner?

All information you need can be found on this page

What will I receive when I apply

to become a partner?

Becoming a partner ​is completely cost and risk-free. All artists who are partnered will receive:

-Their own dedicated, featured webpage on our website with all their pieces being displayed. Furthermore, your contact details, as well as social media information, will be linked.

- Complete cost coverage associated with selling NFTs. Our partners will have to pay no set-up, minting or gas fees.

- Free advertisement services provided by our marketing team to ensure the success of your collection. This can range from reaching thousands of people on Instagram and TikTok to exclusive google ad services directly to your page.

- A 24/7 support service for any enquiries or discussions.